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Storer House Emerald Tile - 6" x 6"

$72.00 USD

Wright’s unique building technique, which became known as the Textile Block System, joined decorative concrete blocks together with reinforcing steel rods to create elegant interior and exterior walls. The John Storer House, constructed in 1923 in the Hollywood Hills, was the second Wright-designed home to feature the Textile Block System.

Built in the Mayan Revival style, the Storer House incorporated multiple patterns on its blocks, one of which was the basis for Motawi Tileworks’ 6x6 Storer House decorative tile.

Actual Tile Size: Approximately 5 7/8” x 5 7/8”.

Each Motawi tile is crafted by hand, so dimensions may vary slightly by up to 1/16".

  • Tiles are 5/8" thick and have a notch at the back for hanging.

 Note: for display of this tile, we recommend the large easel