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Holiday Framed Tile Set 4" x 8" Dard Hunter

$312.00 USD

This jaunty little Nutcracker tile makes a perfectly festive trio flanked by Dard Hunter Trees. The frame is made by Dard Hunter Studios, founded by early Roycrofter Dard Hunter and run by his grandson, Dard Hunter III.
This framed tile set includes:

One 4x8 Nutcracker Tile in Peppermint
Two 4x8 Dard Hunter Tree Tiles in Peppermint
One Triple Legacy frame, 13 1/2" tall x 18" long or One Triple Oak Park frame in Craftsman Oak or Ebony, 11 1/2" tall x 16 1/4" long
The Legacy frame is constructed of 3" quartersawn oak. The frame is beveled with mitered corners and biscuit joints.