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Husser Table-Cherrywood / Walnut Finish.

$6,995.00 USD

This is one of the first dining tables that Wright designed in 1899 and was part of the furniture he did for the Husser House. This design inspired the Robie 1 and Coonley 1 & 2 chairs, along with the Taliesin 2 table which Wright made for his own home in 1925. Crafted in Cherrywood with a walnut finish. (The image shown is Cherrywood with a Walnut finish), it features the finest traditional construction. 60.2"l x 29.1"h x 50"d. Note: When you place your furniture order online, one of our representatives will contact you to confirm your order. Shipping and handling for this item is 18% of the price. Special shipping charges apply. Please allow up to 16 weeks for delivery