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Large Taliesin Barrel Chair.

$2,240.00 USD
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606C1 CHARLOT 13L206

After visiting the Darwin Martin House, Wright became so enamored with his design of a barrel chair that he decided to adapt the sophisticated look for his second home at Taliesin (Spring Green, Wisconsin, 1910). Crafted of Cherry wood and shown here with a natural Cherry finish, it's slightly larger than our other barrel chair and features the finest traditional construction with a wool fabric cushion in your choice of red, blue.

This is a special order item.

23.6"w x 33.1"h x 23.5"d.

Please call 877-848-3559 for information. 

This item is made to order in Italy and requires special shipping. Please email us at with your shipping address and the item(s) of your choice, we will reply promptly with a shipping quote and an estimated delivery window.

This furniture piece is custom made. Please allow up to 20 weeks for delivery.

The iconic Barrel chair was created in 1937 by Frank Lloyd Wright, based on an original design dating from 1904. This barrel-shaped armchair is composed of 37 parts, each fitting into the other with pinpoint precision. The base and the chair back are constructed from three pieces of solid wood, bent at a different angles. Each of the three pieces is then cut in two to counterbalance the tensions created during the steam-bending and the drying processes. The two parts are then placed back-to-back and glued together. The joints are all carved directly into the wood, all the details are hand-finished by highly skilled carpenters.