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Saguaro Forms Tile - 6" x 8"

$205.00 USD

In 1927, Wright submitted a series of cover designs for Liberty Magazine. All four designs were rejected by the editors at the time who deemed them too “radical” and the covers were never published. One of those designs, Saguaro Forms and Cactus Flowers, depicts Wright’s interpretation of a desert landscape. Although initially disregarded, the image is now one of Wright’s most popular designs and was later transformed into a stained-glass feature of Arizona’s famous Biltmore Hotel lobby.

Re-imagined by Motawi as a 6x8 ceramic tile, Saguaro reflects Wright’s stylized vision in a unique colorway.

Actual tile size: 5 13/16" x 7-13/16"

Note: for display of this tile, we recommend the large easel