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Avery Tulip - Turquoise Tile - 4" x 4"

$49.00 USD

 Built in 1907 in Riverside, Illinois, the Avery Coonley House is a grand Prairie-style residence designed by Wright for Avery and Queene Coonley. As was the case with all Frank Lloyd Wright buildings, the home’s exterior and interior were envisioned and executed as a unified whole. In addition to the main house, the estate included sunken gardens, a gardener’s cottage and a coach house.

Wright’s drawing of a tile frieze for the Coonley House was the basis for Motawi Tileworks’ 4x4 Avery Tulip art tile. While the drawing was never executed on the house, the design remains an early example of Wright’s geometric nature abstractions.

Actual tile size: 3-13/16" square
Tiles are 5/8" thick and have a notch at the back for hanging.

Note: For display of this tile, we recommend the small easel.