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Trivet - Storer House

$29.00 USD

Frank Lloyd Wright employed his new building technique, known as the Textile Block System, for his Californian physician client, Dr. John D. Storer. Individual precast concrete blocks were woven together creating an interlocking system to construct the fabric of the house. The textile motif and color of the concrete visually unified the house with the hillside creating the impression that it was a man-made extension of the landscape. Eleven block patterns were interwoven throughout the house — some solid, some abstractly decorated, some perforated for glass inserts, and others punctuated with clear openings.

Made from 1/2" thick cherry veneered MDF.

With rubber feet on the bottom, can withstand heat up to 400° F.

Trivets can also be used as wall art using the included mounting hardware. 7-3/4" x 7-1/2" x 1/2".

Acrylic stand not included. 

 Made in the USA.