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Art Glass II Coasters - Set/4

$26.00 USD

Frank Lloyd Wright designed well over 4,000 art glass windows and doors for over 150 of his buildings. Wright often referred to them as “light screens,” a term that evokes Japanese shoji screens which were arranged in bands like his windows. Wright also created art glass designs for doors, skylights, back-lit ceiling panels, table lamps, and wall sconces.

Assorted set of 4 absorbent stone coasters, one of each design.

  • ABSORBENT STONE: Absorbs sweating or spilled drinks without making a mess. No more rings on your furniture or drops of your favorite drinks sitting on your tables or coasters. This functional soapstone material helps keep your home clean.
  • FURNITURE PROTECTING CORK: Cork backed to protect your furniture. These stone coasters will not slide on or scratch your tables. The natural cork backing also helps the coaster stay in place on your table if the table is bumped into.

4.25" square with cork backing.

Each set in a printed box.