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Night Light Ennis House Block

$39.00 USD

In the early 1920s Frank Lloyd Wright gave new life to concrete blocks with a new building system he called “textile block construction,” a reference to his idea of weaving concrete blocks on the warp and weft of reinforced steel, forming an interlocking system for the “fabric” of the house. Crowning a ridge at the base of the Santa Monica Mountains, the Ennis House is the most monumental and complex of the four textile block homes Wright designed. The House includes 24 different block forms, murals, and art glass windows representing abstractions of wisteria. The blocks were cast with decomposed granite straight from the site, giving the house the appearance of a series of carved granite cliffs.

 This night light is made with cherry veneered MDF. Night light features slats on the top and sides with a clear acrylic bottom panel to allow more light to shine through. The base is almond colored to blend in with the cherry motif. 4" x 4" x 1.5".

 Made in USA.