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Oceansong - Black Pearl Pewter Cufflinks

$39.00 USD

The Oceansong / Black Pearl cufflinks are classic and elegant with variations of blacks, grays and whites. They match any formal outfit, while still maintaining an artistic appeal, making them ideal for both black-tie affairs and casual events.

These black and white cufflinks make great gifts for grooms, wedding parties, Father’s Day, graduation, congratulations, or any other occasion. 

Along with its sister design, Riversong, the Oceansong design was inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s organic architecture, an aesthetic which sought to find harmony between humanity and nature. Each piece is handcrafted in the USA.
This line was designed as an homage to the work of Frank Lloyd Wright, whose "organic architecture" philosophy sought to find harmony among humanity and the environment. 
  • Made using only the finest pewter, 100% lead free.
  • Each piece is cast in pewter then painted by hand.

  • Hand made in USA.