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Ornament - Frank Lloyd Wright Waterlilies

$16.95 USD

Accent your home with this captivating porcelain keepsake ornament. Experience the artistic brilliance of Frank Lloyd Wright beyond his architectural masterpieces. Explore the intricate world of his drawings, designs, and illustrations that are both functional and artistic. Wright's unique artistic vision, characterized by geometric precision and organic inspiration, is a testament to his creative genius. Discover the beauty of Frank Lloyd Wright's artworks and bring the spirit of innovation and aesthetics into your space. Immerse yourself in the artistic world of this American architectural visionary!

All the keepsake ornaments feature a glimpse of the art on each side. These beautiful miniature pieces of art look stunning hanging from a window, a mantle, or anywhere in your home.

  • IDEAL FOR TREE OR WINDOW DISPLAY:  Measures 2.8 inches across and 1/8 inch thick; weighs 30g.
  • FINE PORCELAIN: Fine white porcelain with a beautiful glossy glaze finish. Each ornament is permanently fused so the art becomes part of the keepsake or Christmas tree decoration. Higher quality than ordinary ceramic.
  • FLAT ORNAMENT: Easy to pack if you're traveling, or for convenient storage at home.
  • VERSATILE: Ornament comes with a satin ribbon, ready to hang on your Christmas tree, in a window, or as a car decoration.
  • READY FOR GIFTING: Packaged handsomely for gift giving.  Delight the art-lover in your life.