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Votive- Alice Millard House

$36.00 USD


Frank Lloyd Wright was given free creative reign by rare book dealers George and Alice Millard in designing this house. The Millard House was the first house in which Wright used his innovative textile blocks. Wright gave new life to concrete blocks with decorative bas-relief. Some were solid and other pierced to allow light into the space. The exterior walls made of these blocks have an appearance of woven cloth which gives them their name. Wright designed this home to cling to the site’s steep hillside, sheltered among the trees, and created the home’s concrete blocks using raw materials found on the property. By using rough earth-toned blacks, he blended the house with the color and form of the trees and hillside. Pasadena, CA

Votive holder is made from cherry veneered MDF with 1/4" thick walls.

This decorative addition to your home includes a glass votive holder and a flickering battery operated tea light.

4" square.

Made in the USA.